Allentown Elementary School
10330 Howells Ferry Road
Semmes, AL  36575
Phone:  251/221-1000
Principal:  Ashtiny Cleveland
Asst. Principal:  Diana Shaw
Creating A Brighter Tomorrow For Children Of Today



Semmes Elementary School
10100 Blackwell Nursery Road
Semmes, AL  36575
Phone:  251/221-1631
Principal:  Sharon Anderson
Soaring To Excellence!



Semmes Middle School
4566 Ed George Road
Semmes, AL  36575
Phone:  251-221-2344
Principal:  Brenda Shenesey
Asst. Principal:  AAron Guyton
Asst. Principal:  Ester Hosey
Asst. Principal:  Arnold Tillman


Seeking Excellence In Everything We Do


Mary G. Montgomery High School
4275 Snow Road
Semmes, AL  36575
Phone:  251/221-5153
Principal:  Wade Whitney
Asst. Principal:  Katrice Cunningham
Asst. Principal:  Leon Druckenmiller
Asst. Principal:  James Ezell
Asst. Principal/Freshman Acadmey Director:  Stephanie Lesley


Producing Those Who Succeed


The school bell continues to ring in the one-room school with
field trips for children and adults by appointment.

Semmes School is the oldest continuous-in-use school
in the State of Alabama and is
listed on the Alabama Historical Landmarks.

When the school bell rings today, students step back in time to experience a 1900's school. Reading, writing and arithmetic are taught. Students write on slate boards and learn school rules and punishments. The favorite activities of the day are recess, seesawing, and eating a sack lunch under the broad ancient oak trees.

Hands-on history begins with learning about chores of yesteryears, pumping water, and looking inside an outhouse replica.

The day ends with girls making a corn shuck doll and the boys making a spinner button toy as a keepsake for their hands-on-journey in history.

Participating in this hands on history lesson have been elementary students from public and private schools, future teachers' club, parents and a group of college graduation students from a local university.

For field trip or tour information, please call 251/649-0270.



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