If you would be interested in serving your Semmes Community 
as a member of an Advisory Committee,
please email the City Clerk
with the name of the Advisory Committee you are interested in.

(Effective November 7, 2016)

Financial Planning, Communication, Reporting

Committee Charter
(coming soon)

Chairman Ex-Officio - David Baker

Co-Chairman - Howard Smith

Community Members:  
Jeanette Byrd, Mary Calhoun, Susan Jarvis, Robert Moore, Russell Turner

Corresponding Secretary - Kristian Jackson

2nd Monday of each month at 4:00 PM
Public Works

Committee Charter

CHAIR - Lawrence Webb

Staff Member - Jason Franklin

Community Members:  
Pat Hillman, Lee Lawshee

Corresponding Secretary - Denise Dailey

1st Monday of each month at 4:00 PM
Parks, Recreation & Beautification

Committee Charter


CHAIR - Jerry Shirey

Co-Chairman - Terry Platt

Community Members:  
Carolyn Owens, Diane Moore, Phillip Dodd, Mary Rodning, Linda Ryals

2nd Thursday of each month at 3:30 PM
Public Safety

Committee Charter
(coming soon)

CHAIR - Terry Platt

Community Members:  
1st Tuesday of each month at 12:00 PM
Community Groups & Resources

Committee Charter
(coming soon) 


CHAIR - Charles Watts

Community Members:  
Official Meeting date and time to be announced in January

The Mayor of the City of Semmes has established "Advisory Committees" composed of Council Members and individuals from the Semmes Community (both within the City Limits as well as the Jurisdictional Limits).  These Advisory Committees function as a "working" arm of the City Council.  Advisory Committees enable Council Members to split the workload and concentrate their efforts toward improving specific areas.  Advisory Committees may be dissolved or new ones created as needed.  Advisory Committees are a structured way for individual citizens to share their opinions and perspectives, study issues, and develop recommendations in a focused, small group structure.  The primary purpose for Advisory Committees to have membership from citizens in the Community is to provide advice and input, from a citizen perspective, to the City Council.

The principal job of an Advisory Committee lies in the investigation, study and evaluation of that segment of the municipal operation assigned to it.  Committees report recommendations to the Mayor and City Council usually with a Project Request Form (PRF).  It should be emphasized that memberships on an Advisory Committee does not carry any administrative powers.  The Advisory Committee cannot implement their recommendations without formal approval from the Mayor/City Council.  All expenditure of funds as well as legislative decisions are only made by the Mayor/City Council (by Ordinance or Resolution) prior to implementation.  These committees should discuss, formulate and transmit well-developed, thoughtful recommendations to the Mayor and City Council in a timely manner.

Specific goals/projects are assigned to each Advisory Committee by the Mayor based on the current and future needs of the Community.  These goals/projects are developed based on perspectives and advice from the City Council, key issues, public comments received at Council Meetings, town hall type meetings, emails, personal contacts and letters, or just the general recognized need.  Goals/Projects may be amended or modified, escalated in priority, new ones created or even some removed from the Advisory Committee Charters by the Mayor as necessary.

Advisory Committees should develop work plans for the specific goals/projects assigned - in developing these work plans, the committees should consider:

  • Established City Council Goals

  • Comprehensive Plan

  • Budget

  • Resource Availability

  • Member available time

  • Committee Member knowledge, interest and expertise

For more information on --> Advisory Committees



(to be announced as meeting begins)

Please make sure that all cell phones are turned off or are on silent to avoid any unnecessary interruptions in the meeting.

Any person desiring to address the COMMITTEE must register and complete the form upon entering the meeting area.  Please give the completed form to the RECORDING SECRETARY prior to the meeting being called to order.  Public Comments are ONLY allowed during the Public Comment portion of the meeting.   When addressing the COMMITTEE, the speaker must state his/her name and address.

Each speaker is allowed three minutes to address the COMMITTEE. A bell will sound to indicate the end of 2 minutes. One minute is allowed for summarizing. The second bell indicates the time has expired.

When addressing the COMMITTEE, there is to be no personal address to any individual Committee member. All statements are to be made to the Chair who will recognize any Committee member who wishes to respond.

To maintain the decorum of the meeting, there will be no undue applause and/or public outcry allowed.   This is a meeting of the  COMMITTEE Members and not an open public forum.




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