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Communication is KEY and important for our City's future - and one of the Mayor's high priority objectives.  Our elected officials are our leaders and as such, the City must open all possible doors of communication with our residents.   When we can communicate openly and foster an environment where our citizens are involved in the community and in our decision-making process, our new city becomes an even better place to live, work and play.

Our citizens are invited to call City Hall directly at 251/649-8811 with issues they would like to discuss.  We also invite the community to attend all of our City Council Work Sessions and Regular Council Meetings, our Planning Commission Meetings and our Committee Meetings.  At each of these meetings, there is an agenda item for Public Comments.   The City Calendar can be found --> CITY CALENDAR

In addition to attending our OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS, all City Council Members have cell phones and welcome calls from their constituents.  As our City Council Members also have regular full-time jobs, they cannot immediately answer all phone calls, so please feel free leave them a message.  Contact information for your elected officials can be found --> CITY COUNCIL

Citizens are also encouraged to send messages, comments or suggestions using our new online form below.   These requests will go directly to City Hall and the Mayor's Office where they will be acted on and responded to:

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Last Updated:  March 17, 2017

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