Planning Commission:

Mission Statement

To foster future growth while preserving the rural character of the community through partnerships with the community, developers, and interested parties that wish to benefit the citizenry of Semmes and the City as a whole. To ensure the growth of the community is applicably supported by the communities’ infrastructure such as public safety, parks and recreation, utilities, traffic, through intense research and fact finding endeavors.


Planning Commission Meeting
at City of Semmes
Council Chambers
(7875 Moffett Rd Unit #C)

2017 Semmes Planning Commission Schedule

Click on the link to view the schedule for application deadlines, planning commission meetings, and response times.

*Please call to schedule a Project Proposal Conference before submitting your application. This meeting is at no charge to you and gives you the opportunity to meet with members of the Planning Staff for guidance on the Subdivision Regulations and the process to follow.
All PPCs should be scheduled with Jason Franklin, Public Works Superintendent at 251-649-5752. 
PPCs are held each Tuesday at 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM, & 3:00 PM.



Subdivision Regulations
(adopted April 26, 2016)

Information about our Subdivision Regulations
Planning Commission Members Term Ends
Hon. Howard Smith During Tenure of  Mayor
Council Member (TBD)  During Tenure as Council Member
Hon. Brandi Michelsen - City Clerk During Tenure of Mayor
Hon. Renee Fransen August 11, 2017
Hon. Jason Weaver August 11, 2018
Hon. Mark Davis - Co-Chair August 11, 2019
Hon. Charles Lowery August 11, 2020
Hon. Helen Joyce - Chairperson August 11, 2021
Hon. Joey McCullough August 11, 2022

The Planning Commission will meet (Regular Session) on the 4th Tuesday of each month - 6:00 PM (unless otherwise re-scheduled for a different time/date) - at City of Semmes Council Chambers @ 7875 Moffett Road, Unit #C (unless specifically posted otherwise).  Special meetings can be called by the Chair - those meeting notices will be posted and will be available on the City's website.

Comprehensive Plan
for the City of Semmes, Alabama
Adopted September 30th, 2014
by the Planning Commission
(click on graphic below for link)

This plan has been developed over
the last year by 
the Comprehensive Plan "Working Group"
and Thompson Engineering
from input received from the Semmes Community at local Town Hall Meetings.  
The work for the plan was funded by a 50% match grant from the 

The Planning Commission has been made aware of "mis-information" distributed
about our Comprehensive Plan.

Please be advised that the Comprehensive Plan:

* IS NOT a "zoning ordinance"
* does NOT establish "zoning regulations"
* does NOT establish or create a "Historic District"

   The Comprehensive Plan will in
NO way restrict the use or ownership of any parcel of land. 

The Comprehensive Plan is just that - a reflection of the desires and aspirations
of our Semmes Community that defines our goals and objectives.  
It will be used as a roadmap to
guide the
City into the future with all considerations given to the ideas
and suggestions received from the Semmes Community via Town Hall
Meetings that were held.

Only the CITY COUNCIL can adopt a "zoning ordinance" - not the Planning Commission.



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