City Council:






David Baker, Mayor

Charles Watts, Council Member
Place 1

Howard Smith, Council Member
& Mayor Pro Tempore
Place 2



Lawrence Webb, Council Member
Place 3

Terry Platt, Council Member
Place 4

Jerry Shirey, Council Member
Place 5

The Semmes City Council meets on the FIRST and THIRD Tuesday of each month - Work Session Meeting begins at 3:00 PM and the Regular Council Meeting begins at 4:00 PM.    

UPDATE:  Beginning November, 2011 -- Our Council Meetings are held at City of Semmes City Council Chambers, 7875 Moffett Road Unit #C (In same complex as City Hall Offices).

(to be announced as meeting begins)

Please make sure that all cell phones are turned off or are on silent to avoid any unnecessary interruptions in the meeting.

Any person desiring to address the COUNCIL must register and complete the form upon entering the meeting area.  Please give the completed form to the CITY CLERK prior to the meeting being called to order.  Public Comments are ONLY allowed during the Public Comment portion of the meeting.   When addressing the CITY COUNCIL, the speaker must state his/her name and address.

Each speaker is allowed three minutes to address the CITY COUNCIL. 

When addressing the CITY COUNCIL, there is to be no personal address to any individual COUNCIL member. All statements are to be made to the Chair who will recognize any COUNCIL member who wishes to respond.

To maintain the decorum of the meeting, there will be no undue applause and/or public outcry allowed.   This is a meeting of the CITY COUNCIL and not an open public forum.



Last Updated:  March 17, 2017

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