City of Semmes

Upcoming Committee Meetings

RESCHEDULED - Public Safety Committee Meeting
January 10th @ 12 pm

RESCHEDULED - Finance Committee Meeting
January 11th @ 4 pm

REGULAR - Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting
January 12th @ 3:30 pm

These meetings take place at 7875 Moffett Road, Suite C
in the Council Chambers and are open to the public.

The City of Semmes Public Works Department now has a Facebook page. Please click on the image to visit, like, and follow their page!

Semmes Construction Projects

 The City of Semmes currently has 3 construction projects in progress around the Moffett/McCrary intersection.  Two of them are sidewalk projects which are 80% funded by the state and federal government with Transportation Alternative money.  The purpose of the project is to encourage cities to become more walkable, which will help reduce traffic.  The locations in Semmes were chosen due to their proximity to the parks, post office, pharmacies, retail, and banks.  The City hopes to continue pursuing these type grants so that the sidewalks can be extended to other areas of the City.

 The third project is an intersection improvement of Moffett/McCrary/Wulff by widening the intersection, adding a right turn lane on Moffett to McCrary, and shifting the center turn lanes so that they are off-set.  These improvements will help relieve congestion and increase visibility which will improve overall safety.  The City partnered with the Alabama Department of Transportation in an effort to address the traffic and safety concerns that resulted from traffic studies and historical data gathered over the last 5-10 years.  This project will begin in December and should be finished by April.

 We ask that the citizens be careful and drive safely during the construction process.  Infrastructure construction can be bothersome to drivers and citizens but the benefits of these projects will be worth the sacrifice.

 If you have questions or concerns, please call the Public Works Department at 649-5752.


Adopted Business License Ordinance
For more information on the City of Semmes business license, 
please contact 
RDS @ 800-556-7274


Semmes is more of a simpler way of life than a place - and as we grow, it is our desire to maintain our friendly, neighborly atmosphere, while preserving the rural community character we've developed over the last 100+ years.

** City Council Chambers **

All City Council Meetings
and Planning Commission Meetings
will be held in the  Council Chambers
located at 7875 Moffett Road, Unit #C -- this is 3 units down
 from City Hall in the Century Bank Building
(next to WalMart in Semmes)


Sales Tax in 1.5 mile Police Jurisdiction is 1/2 of the city tax rate


Revenue Discovery Systems (RDS)
will collect the Sales, Use, Rental & Lodging
taxes for the City of Semmes


Contact RDS: 800-556-7274

Contact the city with any questions:


Effective October 7th, 2014
City Sales Tax Rates for Semmes, AL

General Sales/Use Tax -- 3%

Automotive Sales Tax -- 1.0%

Rental Tax -- 2.5%

Lodging Tax -- 5.0%

If you are not sure if your business is located within the 1.5 police jurisdiction,
call the City office phone number at 251/649-8811 and give them your address Webutation


Last Updated:  January 13, 2017

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